Photo – Folkestone from Dover Hill

Folkestone from Dover Hill. Panoramic photo by J F H Davies. Taken in 3 separate pictures which join together. Taken in early 1950s? Clearly shows post WW2 prefabs

Tin of dried eggs

Tin of dried egg from USA. These were imported into the UK in WW2 when eggs were in short supply.

Folkestone bomb map

Folkestone Bomb Map which shows the locations of all the high explosive bombs, shells, parachute mines and V1 rockets that fell on Folkestone in World War 2. Printed by the Folkestone Herald newspaper in 1945.

Blackout curtain

WW2 Blackout curtain. Made of thick black hessian material. To fit a half sash window. Including original curtain hooks.

Civilian gas mask

WW2 Adult civilian gas mask belonging to Mrs C D Day, High Garth, Balcombe, Sussx in leather carrying case. With name and address on label.

Baby’s gas mask

WW2 Baby’s gas mask. The baby was placed inside and the pump operated to keep the baby supplied with filtered air.

Dig for Victory leaflet

WW2 Dig for Victory Leaflet. To encourage people on the Home Front to grow more food when much imported food was being destroyed by German Uboat attacks.

Flying bomb map

WW2 Folkestone and the Romney Marsh Flying Bomb Map highlighting where all the V1 flying bombs fell in WW2. Printed by the Folkestone Herald in 1945.

Parachute mine shrapnel

Shrapnel from Parachute mine dropped on Cherry Garden Avenue, 1941. Photo of street bombing took place. Plus photo of man who gave the memory as a child with his family.

The Land Girl magazine

The Land Girl magazine, June 1946, Victory Number. Includes article on Victory Party for East Kent Land Girls in Hythe and Folkestone

Postcard – blackout cartoon

Blackout cartoon postcard. Girl looking out through raised blackout curtain with the motto ‘Before we close our blackouts this is what we’ll do – you send a loving though to me, and I’ll send one to you.’