Collections information on the items used in this website.


Leaflet – Cookery Service Notes

Ration books – Robert and Cecile Russell

Watercolour – Civil Defence Column

Leaflet – Puddings without Eggs

Photo – Folkestone from Dover Hill

Tin of dried eggs

Gurkha hat badge

Leaflet – How to Preserve Tomatoes

Leaflet – Making the most of Sugar

Leaflet – Making the most of the Fat Ration

Recipe book – Kitchen Front Reecipes

Baby’s gas mask

Blackout bicycle light

Land girl breeches

The Land Girl magazine

Postcard – blackout cartoon

Parachute mine shrapnel

Evacuation Scheme letter

Stereoscopic photos, Gurkha soldiers in WW1

Civilian gas mask

Folkestone Schools attendance medal

Exam paper – English and Arithmetic

Air Raid Warden Post sign

Blackout curtain

Learn Mandarin Chinese game

Folkestone bomb map

Book of school dinners menus

Flying bomb map

Knitting pattern – New Woollies for our Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen

Army documents and photos – Charles Willis Theobald

Dig for Victory leaflet

Map of the Western Front

Oil painting – Landing of the Belgium Refugees

Death Penny – Thomas Allen

Folkestone Harbour Canteen Books

Newspaper cutting – Tontine Street inquest

Victory mug

Poster – Queen Cinema, Tontine Street

Embroidery – Flags of the allied nations

Certificate of Honour – Thomas Allen.

Middlesex Regiment cap badge

Memorial plaque – Tontine Street bombing

Group photo on the Leas, 1916

WW1 death penny – George Winter

Shell case from Piave

Death scroll – George Winter

Lapel badge of RMS Laurentic

WW1 penny flags

Postcard of RMS Laurentic

Magazine cutting – Gotha bomber

Certificate of Wounds and Hurts – Leonard Drew

Handbill for excusion to Holland

Ladies swimsuit, 1950s

Victorian paperweight

Photo of charabanc trip

Watercolour – Panorama of Folkestone

Postcard – Just dreaming about it At Folkestone

Photo album – Folkestone and Sandgate

Folkestone Chronicle newspaper

Teapot souvenir

Oil painting – Bayle Steps

Palaeolithic hand axes

Bronze Age beaker

Iron Age crematin urn

Iron Age brooch

Terra Rubra beaker

Quern stone for grinding grain

Iron Age Belgic coins

Neolithic flint arrowhead

ron Age bone toggle

Oil painting – Leas Shelter

Roman amphora fragment

Roman Samian ware fragment – gladiator design.

Knuckle bones

Roman gaming counters

Roman Samian ware sherds with hunting scene

Photograph – the Dutton family, 1914

V ictorian plate camera

Roman Samian ware bowl with graffiti

Print – the Roman amphitheatre at Nimes

Roman oil lamp – robed figure design

Oil painting – Victoria Pier

Roman mortaria fragment

Print – Folkestone Regatta panorama

Roman spindle whorl

Poster – Fashionable Folkestone, 1927

Watercolour – Beach at Folkestone, 1838

Oil painting – Folkestone 1845

Roman oil lamp – eagle design

Oil painting – Foord Viaduct

Postcard – crowded train

Roman floor tile – human footprint

Watercolour – Temple of Venus, Pompeii

Roman roof tile – dog paw print

Roman floor tile – Classis Britannica stamp

Roman water pipe

Roman strigil

Silver brooch of a running hare

Gem stone from a Roman ring

Roman gold and silver medals and coins