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Certificate of Wounds and Hurts – Leonard Drew

Date made: 1917

Maker / artist: Admiralty

Date collected: 1914-1918

Material: paper

Period: World War 1

Status: In store

Accession number: F6001

Certificate of Wounds and Hurts for Folkestone-born Able Seaman Leonard Drew. He was injured in action on 8 September 1917 by the explosion of a mine while serving on the destroyer HMS Sharpshooter. As a result, he sustained a flesh wound on his thigh 5 inches long. He was brought back to HMS Dido a larger depot ship at Harwich for treatment and assessment. A Certificate of Wounds and Hurts was an official Royal Navy document. It confirmed how and when someone had been injured, and the type and seriousness of the wound. If a seaman had to be discharged from the Royal Navy as a result of an injury, this was a key document that could help him get his pension.

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