About the Learn with Objects website

The FM Learn with Objects website

Welcome to Learning with Objects, created by Folkestone Museum. This website is an online teaching and learning resource, which uses key items from Folkestone Museum's fascinating collection of objects to support and encourage learning by discovering what objects can tell us about the past.


What's in the website?

As a virtual museum, Learn with Objects is designed around the themes of Folkestone Museum. These can be found in Topics. Each topic has key questions for lesson starts, using photos, audio, video and other materials.

The  Resources section picks up where the Topics section left off, offering in-depth notes on practical activities relating to the topics which can be tried in the classroom to support learning.

Finally, Objects is a searchable, browsable database of all the key information on individual objects, presented in bullet-point form for ease of reference.

Folkestone Museum offers Museum-based workshops and loan boxes


Who is it for?

Learn with Objects aims to bring Folkestone Museum into the classroom. Teachers can use the key questions as part of a lesson or as lesson planning preparation.

The website is designed with children in mind with child-friendly text and simple to navigate.  This makes the website an ideal resource for independent learning outside of school, such as homework, class projects and home schooling.

Learn with Objects has also been created to complement Folkestone Museum's educational programme pre and post visit, with a range of activities to try, either at home or in the classroom.

But although children are the primary audience, others will also find themselves delighted and engaged by the sheer diversity of objects and related material, as well as the beautiful images, audio and video.

Original objects, collected over many years, and the skills, detailed knowledge and expertise to help interpret them, are what make learning with museums so special.


We made this for you - tell us what you think

We welcome feedback on any part of this website. If you have ideas, comments or suggestions, please get in touch:


About the project

Situated in the heart of the historic town, Folkestone Museum is dedicated to preserving the town's heritage, encouraging engagement with the past through learning and to fostering community pride and cohesion. Folkestone Museum and this website have been created, and are maintained by, Folkestone Town Council with the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund.


A note on image copyright

Copyright for images used on the Topics and Resources pages, unless individually stated on each page, belongs to Folkestone Museum, Martin Crowther (Educational Consultant) or are now out of copyright.


Who created the website

Darran Cowd, Curator, Folkestone Museum

Alison Moore, Audience Development Officer, Folkestone Museum

Liz Timmins, Marketing & Communications Officer, Folkestone Museum

Martin Crowther, Educational Consultant

Krystyna Matyjaszkiewicz, Independent Art Historian and Curator

Martin Bazley, Digital Heritage Consultant, Martin Bazley & Associates

Paul Lacey, The Dickiebirds Studio Development Agency

Dr Andrew Richardson, Community Archaeologist, Canterbury Archaeological Trust

Lynn Turner, Harrison Grist and Jordana Slater, Applied Humanities Work Placement Students, Canterbury Christchurch University

David Lay and Maryanne Grant, Pavement Pounders CIC


If you need to contact us, please email:  museum@folkestone-tc.gov.uk