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Cabinets of Curiosity 18b Santa Claus' Toy Club poster

Advert for Santa Claus’ Toy Club

Adverting card – Hotel de Cheval Blanc

WW2 2 ARP Warden sign

Air Raid Warden Post sign

Rocks and Fossils 5 IMG_20200507_094834 Ammonite bitten by a fish - close-up showing tooth marks

Ammonite bitten by a fish

Anglo Saxon 1 Aefre skeleton

Anglo-Saxon skeleton

WW1 18 Collection of Private Charles Willis Theobald (Berkshire Regiment and Royal Canadian Dragoons)

Army documents and photos – Charles Willis Theobald

WW2 F6893_FTC_Babys_Gas_Mask_2_CJ

Baby’s gas mask

Anglo-Saxons Resources Anglo-Saxons 3a beads

Bead necklace

Bead necklace