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Master 12 Coal porter

Print – Coal porter drinking beer

Seaside Holidays Resources Panorama - Folkestone Regatta before 1869 H1 F6118 (2) - Copy

Print – Folkestone Regatta panorama

Print – Glacier in the Alps

Maritime 11 Masters Collection PCB5 Box 14 NO NUMBER - UNATTRIBUTED - In Greenland Seas is Caught the Monstous Whale

Print – In Greenland seas is caught the monstrous whale

Master 11 100 - MARATTA, Carlo (follower of) - Madonna and Child adored by Two Saints

Print – Madonna and Child

Masters 1d DSC_1129 Mont Blanc

Print – Mont Blanc massif

Master 9 Panorama of Rome 4

Print – Panorama of Rome

Master 5f 181.2 - DURA, Gaetano - Pescatori

Print – Pescatori

Masters 1l The Doge's Palace seen from the Sea F3644_186.2 P34

Print – The Doge’s Palace from the sea, Venice