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Master 18g 17 Road up Vesuvius

Gouache painting – Road up Vesuvius

Master 18c 1858 Several New Craters Formed

Gouache painting – Several new craters formed

Master 18i 31 The Crater 1883

Gouache painting – The Crater 1883

Master 18e 23 March 16th 1868

Gouache painting – Vesuvius eruption 1868

Master 18b Naples from the sea 1872

Gouache painting – Vesuvius eruption 1872

Master 18f 24 April 16th 1872 Naples side

Gouache painting -Vesuvius eruption

WW1 9 F6282 1916 photo on the Leas

Group photo on the Leas, 1916

WW2 15 Princess Mary's Own Gurkhas cap badge WW2

Gurkha hat badge

Seaside holidays 15F5202 (2) Excursions to Walcheren Tea Garden of Holland by the Folkestone -Flushing route. Folkestone Congress June 20th to 25th 1921

Handbill for excusion to Holland