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Iron Age quern stones

Quern stone for grinding grain

WW2 18 F5812.1-2 Two Ration Books

Ration books – Robert and Cecile Russell

WW2 18 F5217 Kitchen Front Recipes & Hints Book

Recipe book – Kitchen Front Reecipes

Rocks and Fossils 11 IMG_20200507_101653 F2691 red deer antler

Red deer antler

Cabinets of Curiosity 10 IMG_20200507_104205

Red Kite bird specimen

Rocks and Fossils 11 IMG_20200507_102339 F2696.1 rhino tooth

Rhino tooth

Romans 14 DSC_0784 Amphora fragment

Roman amphora fragment


Roman box flue tile

Romans 9 Coin of Emperor Constantius I

Roman coin – Emperor Constantius