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Rocks and Fossils 11 IMG_20200507_101419 F2691 hippo femur cropped

Hippo femur

Rocks and Fossils 2 F2472_FTC_Icthyosaur_Jaw_2_FCC

Icthyosaur jaw and teeth

Rocks and Fossils 1 F_FTC_Iguanadon_Thigh_2_FCC

Iguanodon dinosaur thigh bone

Illustrated London News – Benvenue shipwreck

Stone Age to Iron Age 2 - Iron Age coins

Iron Age Belgic coins

Stone Age to Iron Age 6 - Iron Age copper alloy brooch

Iron Age brooch

Stone Age to Iron Age 11 F0740_FTC_Iron_Age_Urn_Human_Remains_1_FCC

Iron Age crematin urn

Anglo-Saxons 8 IMG_20191204_130716913

Iron sword

Knitting pattern – New Woollies for our Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen