Collections information on the items used in this website.


Oil painting of smugglers

Tobacco twist wrapped in rope

Oil painting – Dogfish Season

Ship’s compass

Water colour – Pelter Brig

Oil painting – Pelter Brig in the Warren

Life-saving rocket instructions

Life-line throwing stick

Life-saving coastguard rocket

Seal of Folkestone

Folkestone Town Council banner

Red Kite bird specimen

Silver coins from Ancient Greece

Watercolour of a bee orchid

Photograph – playground at Cheriton

Oil painting – St Eanswythe’s playground

Miniature books for a doll’s house

Satsuma-ware Japanese sugar pot

Tudor rustic-ware Palissy dish

Mosaic pieces – Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem

Porcelain chocolate cup

Scarab beetle amulets – Ancient Egypt

Biddenden cakes – Mary and Eliza Chulkhurst

Bombardo game

Table croquet game

Advert for Santa Claus’ Toy Club

Watercolour – Folkestone Town Crier

William Harvey’s pestle and mortar

Watercolour of Bouverie Shield

Bouverie Shield – Folkestone’s old Town Hall

Butter churn

Iron sword

Daub fragment

Socketed spearhead

Shield boss

Disc brooch with garnets

Bead necklace

Bead necklace

Bead necklace

Bronze buckle with garnet

Silver sceatta coin

Gold stud

Oil painting – Sandgate from the Downs

Butterfly collection

Butterfly collection

Emu egg ornament

Anglo-Saxon skeleton

Ostrich egg ornament

Seal of St Eanswythe

Wild boar tusk and jawbone

Emu egg ornament