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Watercolour of Bouverie Shield

Date made: 1938

Maker / artist: Gary W Haley

Date collected: 1858 (after)

Material: paper

Period: 20th century

Accession number: Links to F6232

Emblazonment of (watercolour painting of/key to) the Bouverie Shield which was fixed above the entrance of Folkestone’s old Town Hall until it was demolished in 1858. The current town hall, which includes Folkestone Museum was built on the same site. William Bouverie, 2nd Viscount Folkestone and his family were important in the development of the town. He was made 1st Earl of Radnor in 1765. The shield is carved with the coats of arms of the Playdell and Bouverie families, with 28 ancestor families represented. The shield includes eagles, choughs, lions, swans and a dragon. The motto in Latin translates as ‘Dear is my homeland, but liberty is dearer’ (freedom is more important).

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