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Engraving – The Holy Family with a dragonfly

Date made: Late 15th century|early 16th century

Maker / artist: Albrecht Durer

Date collected: 1830-1883 (circa)

Collector: Thomas Man Bridge

Material: paper

Period: 1471-1528

Accession number: F3644.174

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) Holy Family with a Dragonfly .Engraving, 235 x 183 mm Folkestone Museum (Master Collection) F.3644.174. The dragonfly is on the bottom right. But it might be a butterfly: butterflies symbolise the Resurrection of Christ, a caterpillar ‘resurrecting’ into a beautiful winged butterfly. In the middle of the picture is the Holy Family: Mary, baby Jesus and Saint Joseph. Joseph appears tired and is fast asleep. Mary is looking tenderly at Jesus. Durer and other German artists of his time pictured Mary, Jesus and Joseph behaving like ordinary people and showing emotions. In the distance is a harbour leading to open sea.

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